Stock Up on Firewood

Get logs split locally in Schnecksville, Bethlehem, Coopersburg PA, or anywhere in Lehigh County

Many property owners don't have the time, tools and resources to split wood on their own. Luckily, Adam's Tree, LLC offers local firewood for sale in Schnecksville, Bethlehem, Coopersburg PA, and the rest of Lehigh County. At 14 to 18 inches, all of our seasoned wood and hardwood is perfectly shaped for fire pits and fireplaces. You can also request any size logs that you want.

For $150, we'll split or deliver a half cord of firewood to your property. If you want a full cord of firewood, it'll only cost $250. The more cords you get, the more of a discount we'll provide.

To get a free estimate, tell us how many cords you want today.

Get enough firewood to last you through the next season

What will you use your firewood for? During:

  • Winter days, keep your fireplace stocked to warm your home
  • Fall nights, roast marshmallows over your backyard fire pit
  • Summer evenings, keep insects away with smoke
When we split wood, the extra woodchips are donated to local parks and playgrounds. Learn more about our local firewood for sale by calling 484-366-9978 now.